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Welcome to Sharaf Law Firm

Sharaf Law Firm was founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1986. It has been established as an association between professors of Law and ex-judges and lawyers to ensure providing legal services of quality.

The experience of the firm covers virtually every aspect of legal practice particularly in Egypt and most Arab countries laws and litigation.
Having established its thorough knowledge of court procedure as well as the techniques of advocacy and negotiation, the firm has built up a team of lawyers selected on the basis of their ability to appreciate the commercial aspects of dispute process.

The scientific authority of the firm senior, Professor Sharaf eldin, has resulted in a prestigious position of the firm in the market. Manuals and treaties of Professor Sharaf eldin, have been printed and reprinted by the Judges' Club in Cairo, that is why one can easily notice the reference to professor Sharaf eldin's books in several court decisions and judgements.

The firm's portfolios of major clients include commercial, construction, financial, manufacturing, industries and international trading companies and institutions.

The firm provides legal services in a diverse range of specialization includeing corporate, maritime, aviation, commercial agreement, capital market, banking and finance, litigation including construction disputes, employment, intellectual property, immigration, insurance covering claims, professional liability, transfer of technology, trademarks, joint ventures, acquisation, registration, foreign investment and arbitration.

On the international level, the firm provides its legal services at the request of overseas lawyers whose clients are involved in dispute in Egypt. Beside we pursue the interest of our own clients with claim abroad.


At the very heart of our international strategy is our commitment to provide a level of service thats is respective to the every changing requirements of Egyptian and international business clients wherever they do business. For this purpose th firm has formed close working association with some law firms in the major business centers of the world. The firm counsels a number of foreign governmental agencies, and government owned corporations with respect to their Egyptian-based projects.


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